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FileMaker Pro Consulting & Hosting

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We provide FileMaker databases for versions 7 and newer on state-of-the-art database servers.
In most cases your databases can be online and ready for use within and hour.


Shared or Dedicated Servers

Your databases can be hosted on shared servers running either FileMaker Server 15 or 16.

Your databases can be hosted on a dedicated server running FileMaker Server 16 through 19.

Tons of Backups

Our hosting service includes a comprehensive backup strategy:

  • HOURLY backups are available for the last 24 hours
  • NIGHTLY backups are archived; we keep 1 month of nightly backups
  • MONTHLY backups are archived; we keep approximately 6 months of backups

Dedicated Support

If there is ever an issue with your database, we will usually know about it before you do; issues are promptly resolved so that you don't lose valuable time.

Longterm Solutions
Expert, Creative, Contemporary, Responsive, Innovative, Dependable, Cutting-edge, Inventive, Ingenious, Adept, Professional, Skilled, Perceptive, Experienced, Reliable Consulting

We build our solutions using cutting-edge design tools:

  • FileMaker Pro
  • PHP
  • JQuery
  • Javascript
  • HTML5

Our solutions are in us by companies of all sizes, from single proprietorships to international corporations; our solutions are in use by universities all over the country.

Cross Platform

We can design a totally cross-platform solution which will run seamlessly on Mac and Windows platforms, offering users ease of use and simple integration with their work environment.

Designed for Mobile

We have written many solutions designed for use on either an iPhone or iPad running FileMaker Go.

FileMaker WebDirect

We can design a browser-based solution using FileMaker WebDirect, which allows users to work in the solution with any compatible web browser.

Custom Web Publishing

Using FileMaker Custom Web Publishing, we can develop a powerful web application that uses a combination of FileMaker Pro, HTML5, JQuery, Javascript and Bootstrap to deliver a cutting-edge solution for your website--registration systems, shopping carts, blogs, and much more.

Our Clients

Longterm Solutions has developed solutions for companies of all sizes--from one-man companies to multinational corporations like the Nissan Corporation, for universities such as the University of Virginia, University of Southern California, Middle Tennessee State University, Santa Clara University and others. Recent Clients


We offer a complete variety of hosting options.
FileMaker Pro hosting prices are based on the number of database files;
PREMIUM and PRO hosting


  • Shared FileMaker Server
  • 1 or 2 databases - each additional +9.95/mo.
  • Unlimited database users
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Full backup services


  • Dedicated FileMaker Server
  • Select disk size & type (HDD or SDD)
  • Full FileMaker backup services
  • Unlimited database users
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Up to 100 Databases

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