New Hosting 30-day Guarantee

All new hosting clients may choose to cancel hosting within the first 30 days and receive a full refund of their hosting fees.
NOTE: The 30-day guarantee does not include server leasing, which is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Hosting Fees are Non-Refundable After First 30 Days

After the first month, any hosting fees paid to Longterm Solutions, whether for a month or for a longer period, are non-refundable.

Programming and Web Design

All programming done by Longterm Solutions is warranteed for a full year from completion of the project. Any bugs, errors, or omissions remaining in the database solution, web application, or website will be fixed at no cost to the client, provided the issues are part of the project and not requests for programming or design which were not part of the original project specifications. After the one-year period, a client may request that any issues found in a solution be fixed; fees will be charged as deemed appropriate by Longterm Solutions.

Programming Rate

Longterm Solutions reserves the right to change its hourly programming fees at any time without notice. Clients who need additions or modifications to existing solutions will be billed at the current hourly rate at time of the work request.

Database and Website Backups

Longterm Solutions backs up databases hourly, and archives all databases daily. Databases are backed up nightly to a separate RAID storage system; 30 days of backups are kept. Databases are archived every 30 days as well.

Clients are strongly advised to keep their own archives of websites and databases. Longterm Solutions will be glad to provide a means for all clients to download backup copies of their databases.

Longterm Solutions is not responsible for any data loss incurred while solutions are hosted on our servers. We take extraordinary precautions against loss of data and have never lost any databases or websites since the company was founded more than 12 years ago, but we strongly encourage our clients to keep their own backups as an extra measure of security in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe or event.

Backup Procedures

Unlike any other FileMaker hosting company of which we are aware, Longterm Solutions archives and stores database backups for at least 30 days. Our clients can take comfort in knowing that we can restore a copy of their database from any hour in the past 24 hours, then for any day in the last month. No other FileMaker hosting company provides the extensive backup services that we offer--at NO COST to the client.