Use VOIP to Make Phone Calls From FileMaker

01/26/2010 - I’ve been using RingCentral VOIP for a few months now, and will probably never go back to a traditional landline again. The other day I started doing some research to find out how to make phone calls directly from a FileMaker database, using my RingCentral account. The solution was much simpler than I thought it would be.

Download the demo file here

Because RingCentral uses an API that is available to the curious customer, I was able to write a simple script that will allow a user to make a RingOut call from a database. The method is simple, and requires a single web viewer to do its work.

The RingOut API uses an HTTP GET to make the call; string requires a few pieces of information which are easy enough to provide:

Your RingCentral account number (your RC phone number)
Your RingCentral password (all digits)
The extension you want to use
The phone number you wish to call
(optional) the CallerID you wish to have displayed to the callee

As you’ll see in the “dial_out” script, I’m setting the web viewer (hidden under the Longterm Solutions logo) when the user clicks one of the phone icons. Each icon passes a script parameter, which is the phone number that we wish to call; using a script parameter, we can use the same script to make a call to any of the numbers in a user’s record.

The “dial_out” script switches to the LOG tab, then calls a 2nd script that creates a call log entry for the call, with a timestamp and the number you just called. You can type notes into the log entry by going to the LOG tab.

I stored the user settings (username, password, extension) in a separate table so that I could access them from any record in the Contacts table; using a cartesian join, where every record in one table relates to every table in another, I can always access the username, password and extension.

There are a few other RingCentral calls available, but this is the only one I found useful; hopefully they’ll one day allow us to retrieve other values, like call length, callerID, and perhaps even voice-mail. Stay tuned!