04/12/2014 - A common user interface these days is a layout where there is a list of records on the left side; clicking on one of these pulls up that record. When you click on an item on the left, the record appears on the right. But what if your list is really long and you want to quickly get to a specific record?

In this example I’ll be showing you how to filter your portal using a filter field.

03/30/2014 - In my last article I showed how to use an invisible slider to display different data on a layout when the user clicks a button.

This time, let’s see how to do the same thing with a single button, and add some nice eye-candy to it at the same time.

03/29/2014 - One of the most welcome additions in FileMaker Pro 13 are sliders. You’ve seen them before in countless websites: a series of panels that slide from side to side, revealing either assorted photos or different articles on a news site.

FileMaker Pro 13 now features the same visual feature (I suspect we’ll see more and more widgets as FileMaker continues to embrace its new CSS underpinnings).

02/26/2014 - There were two things that I wanted to change in the OS X Notes app.

I wasn’t crazy about the yellow paper-like background of OS X Notes.app.
I also wanted to make the default text size larger.

Fortunately, this is easy to change and might take you 3 minutes.

11/02/2013 -

Database Design & Development

Longterm Solutions can design a database for you, geared to your needs and as flexible as you require for your business or personal use.

Longterm Solutions Founder and President Bob Patin is a FileMaker 9, 10, 11 & 12 Certified Developer, and is dedicated to constantly refining and improving his FileMaker skills .

We use FileMaker Pro 13 for current database projects; solutions are totally cross-platform, designed to look excellent either in Windows or Mac OS X.

Databases hosted on our servers can be used by multiple users in an office environment, while serving double duty as the engine for a powerful web solution like a shopping cart, registration system, or information system. Changes made in the database either from the web or by a user logged in with FileMaker will be displayed immediately in all environments, displaying fresh data immediately to both web and remote users.

Services we provide include:

  • Database development from the ground up or using an existing database
  • Development can be done for either PC or Mac platform, and can be cross-platform if required
  • Databases are implemented using FileMaker Pro version 13, which is cross-platform and easily ported from Mac to PC or vice-versa. We can also develop using earlier versions of FileMaker if it is requested.
  • All solutions can be password-protected and encrypted if necessary
  • Longterm Solutions can provide on-site installation and support, as well as rapid Internet update services
  • Databases can be integrated into your web site for access by co-workers or by visitors to your public site


Longterm Solutions will provide either on-site or in-office consulting on any computer or Internet-related issues; our standard hourly fees apply. View current fees

Using Databases on your Website

Longterm Solutions can also make it possible for you to have online databases for your web site needs. We write solutions using both FX.php and the FileMaker API.

We will be happy to provide references and samples of existing solutions. For information and pricing, please contact us.