04/12/2014 - A common user interface these days is a layout where there is a list of records on the left side; clicking on one of these pulls up that record. When you click on an item on the left, the record appears on the right. But what if your list is really long and you want to quickly get to a specific record?

In this example I’ll be showing you how to filter your portal using a filter field.

03/30/2014 - In my last article I showed how to use an invisible slider to display different data on a layout when the user clicks a button.

This time, let’s see how to do the same thing with a single button, and add some nice eye-candy to it at the same time.

03/29/2014 - One of the most welcome additions in FileMaker Pro 13 are sliders. You’ve seen them before in countless websites: a series of panels that slide from side to side, revealing either assorted photos or different articles on a news site.

FileMaker Pro 13 now features the same visual feature (I suspect we’ll see more and more widgets as FileMaker continues to embrace its new CSS underpinnings).

02/26/2014 - There were two things that I wanted to change in the OS X Notes app.

I wasn’t crazy about the yellow paper-like background of OS X Notes.app.
I also wanted to make the default text size larger.

Fortunately, this is easy to change and might take you 3 minutes.

11/02/2013 -

About Longterm Solutions

Longterm Solutions was founded in 1986 by programmer and studio musician Bob Patin.

As a professional pianist and synthesist, Bob traveled with different recording artists, most notably The Everly Brothers, Crystal Gayle, Jerry Reed, and Ray Price. He has played on thousands of recording sessions, including albums by Alabama, Sawyer Brown, Mel Tillis, Jerry Reed, Pam Tillis, Crystal Gayle, and many others.

Bob has played for 4 Presidents: Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, and has traveled worldwide as a touring musician.

The list of artists for whom he has played includes almost every big name in country music, and many from other genres as well. He has played concerts on 4 continents and continues to tour infrequently.

As a programmer and computer consultant, Bob has built Longterm Solutions from a one-man startup to a thriving company offering a variety of computer-related services.

Bob Patin is a FileMaker 12, 11, 10 and 9 Certified Developer, and member of FileMaker Business Alliance and FileMaker TechNet.

Commercial Applications

Bob has written many commercially-available applications which are sold nationwide and used by musicians and music professionals all over the U.S. and in Europe. Longterm Solutions has designed and hosts more than 250 web sites, web database sites, and almost 400 FileMaker databases.

Longterm Solutions Servers

Longterm Solutions' network uses all Apple Mac servers, housed in a state-of-the-art Tier 3 data center featuring multiple connections to the Internet backbone, generator power backup, temperature control, biometric security and 24-hour support.

All databases are backed up hourly; in addition, databases are backed up to DVD-R every 6 days, and stored in a fire vault. Approximately once per month, a copy of the database backups is moved to a safe-deposit box at a local bank.

FileMaker Database Solutions

Longterm Solutions uses the FileMaker Pro database application to develop cross-platform solutions for clients. These solutions can be easily ported to the web, providing worldwide access to any client or customer with a web browser. Longterm Solutions provides complete web database hosting services on its servers, which are located in Brentwood, Tennessee. Databases can also be hosted on one of several FileMaker Server machines, for access by clients who travel or who are located in multiple cities.

Web Site Development

Longterm Solutions develops and hosts web sites for clients; if you are interested in having a site developed for your personal or business needs, contact us for pricing and additional information.

Custom application and database development has been a mainstay for Longterm Solutions in the 90s and into this century. For references, please contact us and we'll be glad to provide you with the names of clients who would be glad to speak with you.

Longterm Solutions is an Associate Member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, a group of professional FileMaker developers dedicated to bringing world-class solutions to the business world.