04/12/2014 - A common user interface these days is a layout where there is a list of records on the left side; clicking on one of these pulls up that record. When you click on an item on the left, the record appears on the right. But what if your list is really long and you want to quickly get to a specific record?

In this example I’ll be showing you how to filter your portal using a filter field.

03/30/2014 - In my last article I showed how to use an invisible slider to display different data on a layout when the user clicks a button.

This time, let’s see how to do the same thing with a single button, and add some nice eye-candy to it at the same time.

03/29/2014 - One of the most welcome additions in FileMaker Pro 13 are sliders. You’ve seen them before in countless websites: a series of panels that slide from side to side, revealing either assorted photos or different articles on a news site.

FileMaker Pro 13 now features the same visual feature (I suspect we’ll see more and more widgets as FileMaker continues to embrace its new CSS underpinnings).

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